Medical Scales

Medical Scales is a generic term used to describe the range of products used within the Medical Sector, they include Baby Scales, Fitness Scales, Personal Scales, Stand on Scales, Column

Scales, Adiposity Scales, Multi-function Platform Scales, Height Rods, Gym Scales, Wheelchair scales, Body Composition Scales, Chair Scales, Bed Scales, Dispensing Scales, Mortuary Scales and theatre Scales.

For Medical Professionals, such as Doctors, Consultants, Care Workers and Midwives, it is vitally important to know the accurate weight of patients. The weight is used to monitor peoples health, provide medicines, administer anaesthetics and monitor growth in babies and toddlers.

The Measurement Shop provides modern stylish products which are both reliable and accurate. Many units are supplied with the Class III approvals and comply with the Medical Product Law (also known as Medical Devices Directive), for use in Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors Surgeries where the EU Law requires approved scales to be used in the medical data analysis of patients weights.

Non-approved scales are used by Gyms, Fitness Centres, Health Spas, Diet Clubs, Leisure Centres and personal trainers, where medical data analysis and diagnosis or diagnostics is not required but accurate weight readings are still used to help monitor peoples long term health.

Medical Scales MXB

Capacity Range: 0-20kg

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