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The Measurement Shop offers a wide range of measuring instruments and accessories that are suitable for a variety of needs, including hardness meters, spring testers, thickness gauges and sound measurement devices.

Hardness meters are portable, handheld devices used to test the hardness of materials through non-destructibe methods. Shore hardness meters specialise in measuring the resistance of plastic materials using a Shore A or D scale test in order to provide an empirical hardness value. Leeb hardness testing devices are used in conjunction with much harder materials and metals.

Our thickness gauges are commonly used for testing the overall thickness of tool coatings in manufacturing and engineering applications. For safe usage, all tools need to be of a qualified thickness in order to be used in work environments.

Length gauges specialise in distance measurement. They are compact, portable devices that easily fit on machinery and test stands for measuring in mm and inches.

Torque measurement devices are used to accurately record and measure torque on cranks, gearboxes and other rotating machines. Durable, versatile devices that are commonly used in bottle packing operations requiring screw tops.

Sound meters measure levels of sound and are often required for detecting levels of noise pollution is cities, airports and construction sites. These devices convert sound into a measureable output.

We pride ourselves in delivering professional quality measuring products from trusted manufacturers including Kern, Sauter, A&D and Adam Equipment to name a few - If you require any further help selecting a measuring instrument or would like more information about any of our products, please contact us - We are happy to recommend a product to suit your needs!

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