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OBN 132

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OBN 132

12 Month Warranty
Infinity optical system
Quadaplex nosepiece
Siedentopf 30° inclined, 360° rotatable
Diopter adjustment both-sided
Overall dimensions W×D×H 390×200×400mm
Net weight approx. 9 kg

[Note that this information is generic to the product range and is not specific to this model.]

Additional Components

Additional Components

Part TypeOrder NumberPricePurchase
EyepiecesWF 10 x /⌀20mmOBB-A1351£85.00Included with main product. Buy replacement parts
WF 16 x /⌀13mmOBB-A1354£45.00
WF 10 x /⌀20mm (reticule 0.1mm)(adjustable)OBB-A1352£140.00
Infinity E-Plan ObjectivesPlan 20x / 0.40 (spring) W.D. 2.41mmOBB-A1250£265.00Included with main product. Buy replacement parts
Plan 60x / 0.80 (spring) W.D. 0.33mmOBB-A1270£360.00
Plan 100x / 1.15 (water) (spring) W.D. 0.18mmOBB-A1437£445.00
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives100x / 1.25 (oil) (spring) W.D. 0.19mmOBB-A1240£315.00Included with main product. Buy replacement parts
10x / 0.25 W.D. 4.64mmOBB-A1243£195.00Included with main product. Buy replacement parts
40x / 0.66 (spring) W.D. 0.65mmOBB-A1257£290.00Included with main product. Buy replacement parts
4x / 0.10 W.D. 12.1mmOBB-A1263£110.00Included with main product. Buy replacement parts
2.5x / 0.07 W.D. 8.479mmOBB-A1247£265.00
Mechanical StageStage Size WxD 175 x 145mm,
Travel 78 x 55mm,
Coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs, scale: 2μm,
Two Slide Holder
OBN M-StageN/AIncluded with main product. Not available separately.
CondenserAbbe N.A. 1.25 center adjustable (aperture diaphragm)OBB-A1102£85.00Included with main product. Buy replacement parts
Swing out Condenser N.A. 0.9/0.13 center adjustable (aperture diaphragm)OBB-A1104£220.00
Koehler Illumination6V / 20W Halogen Spare Bulb (transmitted)OBB-A1370£25.00Included with main product. Buy replacement parts
Colour FiltersBlue (fitted to Condenser)OBF-CF-BlueN/AIncluded with main product. Not available separately.
Trinocular TubeSiedentopf 30° inclined / 360° rotatable
Interpupillary distance 50 - 75mm
Light Distribution 100:0
Diopter adjustment: Both sides
Butterfly 30° inclined, 360° rotatable,
Eye distance: 50.0–75.0 mm,
Light distribution: 100:0,
Diopter adjustmentboth sides
Darkfield CondenserN.A. 0.85-0.91 (dry)OBB-A1421£265.00
Polarising UnitAnalyser / PolariserOBB-A1283£265.00
Phase ContrastIndependent slot with 8 PH-Plan-objective 20×OBB-A1216£360.00
Quintuple hole turret with 10x / 20x / 40x / 100x Infinity-PH-Plan objectives (complete set)OBB-A1237£1,590.00
Independent slot with 8 PH-Plan-objective 40×OBB-A1218£430.00
Independent slot with 8 PH-Plan-objective 10×OBB-A1214£320.00
Independent slot with 8 PH-Plan-objective 100×OBB-A1212£520.00
C-Mountcamera adapter 1.00xOBB-A1140£100.00
camera adapter 0.57x (focus adjustable)OBB-A1136£160.00
Fluorescence Unit3W LED Epi Fluorescence unit (B/G) including centering objectiveOBB-A1156£3,140.00
100 W HBO Epi Fluorescence unit 6 filter disc (UV/V/B/G) including centering objectiveOBB-A1155£4,400.00
100 W HBO Epi Fluorescence unit 2 hole slide (B/G) including centering objectiveOBB-A1153£3,100.00

The KERN OBN-13 is superb, stable laboratory microscope for all common routine applications, which produces excellent images

As standard, these trinocular microscopes are fitted with wide-field eyepieces with large visual field , diopter compensation on both sides and infinitely corrected planachromatic lenses

The professional Köehler lighting is easy to adjust. It contains an adjustable field diaphragm as well as an Abbe condenser which you can center or adjust height wise and which has an adjustable aperture diaphragm. In this way, superb images are visible in both light and dark fields

A revolving unit for up to 5 lenses and a large specimen stage are included with delivery as standard

The following optional accessory items are available: Various eyepieces, lenses, a complete polarisation kit, a condenser with pivoting lens, various kits for phase-contrast microscopy as well as complete HBO and LED fluorescence kits etc.

A central feature of this adaptable, robust microscope range is the stable mechanism which can be adjusted precisely. This is emphasized by the functional and ergonomic design.

Scope of application

Haematology, urology, gynaecology, dermatology, pathology, microbiology and parasitology, immunology, oncology, entomology, vets, sewage treatment plants, water analysis, breweries


specially for extremely translucent, thin, low-contrast, challenging samples (e.g. living mammal cells, bacteria, tissue) with phase contrast

Product Specification

Product Specification

Manufacturer Kern & Sohn

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