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P4500 Standard Potentiometers

Capacity Range: 350

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Precision potentiometer for measuring, control and instrumentation applications. The distinguishing features of the P 4500 include an all metal case, ball-bearings, a conductive resistance element and elastomer-damped wipers. Because of its reliability, long life, good linearity, high resolution, high operational speed and corrosion resistance, this component opens applications hitherto closed to conventional potentiometers.

P4500 Standard Potentiometers

Capacity Range: 350

P4500 Novotechnik Standard Potentiometers

P4501 A102 - Click name for details

Nominal Resistance
Rotational Travel
360 °, continuous
Electrical range
350 ±2 °

Product Features


Industry standard size offering top performance at reasonable cost

Very long life - 100 x 106 movements

Very good linearity - standard ± 0.075 %

Very high resolution - better than 0.008°

High admissible operating speed - 10 000 min-1

Unrestricted continous rotation

Key Product Specifications Chart


ProductNominal ResistanceRotational TravelElectrical rangeLinearityDiameterOutput
P4501 A102 - Click name for details 1kΩ360 °, continuous 350 ±2 °±0.075 %36.5mm servo size 13 ratiometric

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