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Rotary Potentiometers

The Measurement Shop's full range of Novotechnik rotary potentiometers including geared, automotive, low torque and industrial-grade potentiometers.

Our rotary potentiometers offer up to 360 degree continuous rotational travel, high linearity and exceptional life span. The potentiometers we sell are constructed from strong durable materials with protective casings including conductive plastics, temperature-resistant metals and anodised aluminium that are built to withstand rigorous daily use. These products include advanced IP-rated protection and sealing against dust and liquid ingress, to ensure optimum performance and professional quality.

Choose from a selection of nominal resistances ranging from 1k-10k potentiometer models. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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  1. SP2800 Novotechnik Automotive / Industrial Rotary Potentiometer

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £116.00 Incl. VAT: £139.20

    Designed to convert rotary movement into a proportional voltage, the Novotechnik SP2800 automotive sensor utilises conductive plastic technology on both the resistance and collector tracks. The housing and bearings are produced in a special high grade temperature-resistant plastic material. Learn More
  2. Novotechnik AWS360ZE Heavy Duty Rotary Potentiometer | Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £930.00 Incl. VAT: £1,116.00

    Novotechnik's AWS 360ZE is a "heavy-duty“ version of the 360° potentiometer and is ideal for applications where rough conditions prevail. Its robust design is especially suited to industrial plants and heavy engineering industry. Learn More
  3. Novotechnik IPE6000 Heavy Duty Rotary Potentiometers | Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £696.00 Incl. VAT: £835.20

    Novotechnik's IPE heavy-duty potentiometer is equipped with a signal interface integrated in the case. It has now been fitted with an electronic system using SMD technology for control of the supply voltage and transformation of angle-proportional voltage into an output current. Learn More
  4. Novotechnik IP6000 Heavy Duty Potentiometers

    Starting at: Excl. VAT: £362.00 Incl. VAT: £434.40

    Novotechnik's IP6000 "industrial-grade" potentiometer or potmeter has been specially designed for the severe working conditions often encountered in industrial applications. IP6000 potentiometers have a continuous mechanical rotation, a standard linearity of 0.075% (0.025% variants available on request) and good repeatability of 0.007. Learn More

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