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Part counting weighing scales are used surprisingly to count! Why use a counting scale?

Well, counting by hand is boring, time consuming and quiet frankly prone to human error.

Counting scales and balances are designed to save you time and energy, which directly results in cost savings. Typical counting scales are able to pay for themselves in a very short period of time. Especially when it comes round to the dreaded audit.

There are two types of counting scales, the first is the standard scales with a counting function, and the second are dedicated scales with three displays (weight, sample weight and quantity).

Choosing the right counting scale can be difficult, we do recommend that if you are at all unsure as to the suitability of a scale that you contact us for advice.

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  1. CBD Adam Dual Counting Scales | Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £246.00

    The CBD counting scale series offers customers an accurate, versatile and fast counting solution. The CBD can be expanded, via the interfaces, to enable larger counting capacities. A second (dual) scale is used to weigh the bulk counting, whilst the CBD weighs the sample. Learn More
  2. A&D HC-i Counting Scale

    Starting at: £235.00

    With the HC-i series and its accessories, you can easily build an inexpensive inventory control system. The HC-i series is cost effective and will improve reliability by eliminating errors and unnecessary repetition during large volume counting jobs. Learn More
  3. Adam CBC-M Trade Approved Counting Scales

    Starting at: £230.00

    Adam CBC-M trade approved counting scales feature tough ABS housing with RS-232 interface, stainless steel platforms, non-slip feet and load cell protection to give you the ultimate performance. Suitable for a wide variety of parts counting applications including the counting of bolts, screws and manufacturing parts. Learn More
  4. IBC Inscale Counting Scale | Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £129.00

    Inscale's IBC counting scale is a simple, low-profile weighing machine for high resolution weighing and parts counting applications. Ideal for use in manufacturing warehouses when counting small parts, tools and screws. Learn More
  5. Adam GBC Bench Counting Scale | The Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £206.00

    The Adam Equipment GBC bench counting scale is a fully featured counting scale with numeric keypad for unit weight and sample entry. Ideal for counting machinery parts, screws and other small products on a worktop surface. Learn More
  6. Adam GFC Floor Counting Scales

    Starting at: £237.00

    Adam's GFC floor counting scale features a wide range of checkweighing and parts counting applications suitable for warehouses, production lines and stock control. Learn More
  7. Adam CCEU Coin Counting Scale

    Starting at: £198.00

    Adam's CCEU is a fast and accurate token and coin counting scale. The CCEU accommodates nine different coin units and two different token sizes allowing the user to pre-set weight values according to the coins being counted. Learn More
  8. CBC Adam Counting Scales | Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £190.00

    Adam Equipment's CBC counting scale features a compact, practical design for quick and easy counting operations. This scale is ideal for manufacturing and engineering industries for counting small machinery, tools and parts. Learn More
  9. A&D FC-i Counting Scale

    Starting at: £1,115.00

    Absolutely Easy! Easy Data Retrieval For each weighing article, it is easy for anyone to instantly retrieve data such as ID number, unit weight, tare weight, and comparator upper/lower limits without making an error. I Learn More

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