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Industrial Scales

The industrial weighing scales and industrial balances shown here are designed to be able to cope with the rigors of what an industrial environment entails. If an industrial scale or an industrial balance is what you are looking for, we here at The Measurement Shop are confident we have the product for you.

From large industrial platform scales for pallet weighing to pallet beams for use with fork lift trucks we are confident that our scales are suitable for your industry needs. Our industrial heavy duty scales are made to last and deal with the rigors of the factory floor and are produced by the very best brands in the scale and balances market. Adam equipment industrial scales, Kern industrial balances and more are available and in stock today.

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  1. LBK Adam Bench Scale

    Starting at: £95.00

    Adam Equipment's LBK weighing scale is an effective, reliable machine that can be used to perform simple weighing tasks on a worktop or workbench surface. Ideal for measuring food products, small pets, tools and machinery. Learn More
  2. Adam GBK Bench Platform Scales

    Starting at: £235.00

    The GBK checkweighing scales is a highly-versatile machine used to accurately check the weight of small machinery parts, products and stock. The GBK is compact in size and can be used easily on a worktop or workbench surface. Learn More
  3. Kern SFE IP65 Platform Food Scale | Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £380.00

    Kern's SFE industrial plaform scales are constructed from IP-65 rated, durable lacqured and stainless steel suitable for use in the food industry and other damp environments. EC M Class III Approved Verifiable to M Class Approvals is possible on all models. Learn More
  4. Adam ABK Bench Platform Scale | The Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £278.00

    The ABK bench platform scale is constructed from durable stainless steel that can be easily cleaned after use. ABK scales are ideal for use in warehouse, despatch and quality control areas, and can easily fit on workbench or worktop surfaces. Learn More
  5. Adam AFK Floor Platform Scale

    Starting at: £317.00

    Adam's AFK floor platform scales designed for rugged industrial applications. Includes a sleek, stainless steel IP-66 indicator with superior sealing protects from dust, ensures longevity. Suitable for heavy-duty warehouse environments. Learn More
  6. PT + GK-M Adam Approved Floor Platform Scales

    Starting at: £620.00

    The PT platform scale range features a low-profile design for easy access and diamond-plate surface to help stabilise loads, while optional ramps facilitate loading and unloading. Supplied with Adam's GK-M trade approved weight indicator. Learn More
  7. PTM Adam Drum and Wheelchair Scale

    Starting at: £540.00

    The PTM platform weighing scale places accessibility at the forefront of design and caters to users with limited mobility, with built-in ramps on each side, chequered plate surface for added grip and heavy-duty rubber feet to ensure stability of the scale. Learn More
  8. A&D GX-K/GF-K Industrial Balance

    Starting at: £1,480.00

    The World’s Most User-Friendly The World’s Most User-Friendly Balances… Our Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS)*, which combines the best of magnetic force restoration and single point parallelogram load sensing technologies, offers you the ultimate in response speed – Just 1 Second! Learn More
  9. A&D GP IP65 Dust & Waterproof Precision Industrial Balances

    Starting at: £2,025.00

    The GP Series incorporates our enhanced weighing sensor, the Double Leveraged Super Hybrid Sensor(SHS). Building on the basic SHS features of speed and stabilization, our enhanced SHS technology brings the most accurate weighing results to industrial balances in the 12kg to 101kg capacities class. Learn More
  10. A&D HL-WP IP65 Dust & Waterproof Compact Scales

    Starting at: £185.00

    Fully stainless steel top loading balances suitable for harsh environments. Ideally suited for food preparation. Capacities range from 300g to 3000g with increments from 0.1g to 1g. Learn More

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