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Our range of Laboratory weighing scales and balances covers the whole spectrum of requirements for the modern laboratory from portable precision balances and moisture analysers, to premium-quality micro and analytical balance models. Manufactured by Kern, A&D and Adam Equipment, the laboratory scales and balances we offer come with readabilities up to 0.01mg and are ideal for the precise weighing of chemicals, medicines, food supplements and organic materials.

whether you are in a pharmaceutical company, quality control laboratory, a university, college or school; you will find the right scale here.

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  1. 440 Kern Compact Laboratory Balance 170mm x 150mm

    Starting at: £160.00

    The 440 Precision Balance is a low entry basic model with simple to use functions, ideal for general purpose weighing applications. This model would be commonly found in schools and college laboratories, offering a series of capacities and resolutions suitable for these environments. Learn More
  2. Adam CB Compact Balance | The Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £32.00

    Adam Equipment's CB compact balances are low-profile, portable weighing machines suitable for a wide variety of simple weighing tasks. Ideal for school classroom experiments and small-scale food catering. Learn More
  3. PMB Adam Moisture Analyser

    Starting at: £657.50

    The PMB moisture analyser uses a circular halogen heater lamp to allow for even heating and drying of a sample for accurate moisture determination. Ideal for agricultural, health, laboratory and food testing environments. Learn More
  4. TBB Adam Triple-Beam Balances

    Starting at: £87.00

    Adam Equipment’s patented TBB triple beam balance is a lightweight, portable weighing machine suitable for learning mass measurement concepts. Ideal for students and hobbyists. Learn More
  5. EMB-S Kern School Balance | Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £180.00

    A low cost portable laboratory scale designed for use in schools, colleges and universities. Features include simple 2 button operation, LCD display, plastic wipe clean top pan, This is a basic design with weighing only function, under scale weighing possible. Learn More
  6. EMS Kern Precision Balance | Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £85.00

    The Kern EMS School Balance is especially suitable for use in schools, colleges and universities for use in biology, chemistry and physics laboratories. Learn More
  7. PCD Kern Precision Balance | Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £190.00

    The Kern PCD Compact Laboratory Balance has a seperate base and display, which makes it ideal for use in fume cupboards or glove bag, particularly practical for weighing toxic, volatile or contaminated substances giving operator control of the scale away from weighing area. Learn More
  8. EWJ Kern Precision Balance 155 x 145mm

    Starting at: £340.00

    Kern EWJ Compact laboratory balances are easy to use, the keypad keys have their own primary function so no scrolling. They have an automatic internal adjustment weight which adjusts the calibration every 2 hours guarantees high degree of accuracy and makes the balance independent of its location. Trade Approved models available. Learn More
  9. A&D FX-i & FZ-i Precision Balance

    Starting at: £570.00

    What do you expect most from a precision analytical balance? If you are like us, you will agree that accuracy and reliability come before anything else. Learn More
  10. A&D GF Precision Balance

    Starting at: £800.00

    The World’s Most User-Friendly The World’s Most User-Friendly Balances… Our Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS)*, which combines the best of magnetic force restoration and single point parallelogram load sensing technologies, offers you the ultimate in response speed – Just 1 Second! Learn More

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