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Dependable and highly-versatile, platform scale is an umbrella term used to describe a group of weighing scales that are used on platforms, benches, floors or flat surfaces. The scales in this category come in variety of weight capacities and sizes with smaller models suitable for postal offices and home businesses for weighing packages and parcels, whilst larger heavy-duty platforms can be placed on industrial warehouse floors for weighing oversized crates and containers.

Larger weighing platforms, such as Adam's PTM or PT scales can be combined with weight and counting indicators for enhanced checkweighing, accumulation, percentage weighing and parts counting features. We also offer a trade approved version of the GK indicator for selling large amounts of product by weight.

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  1. Adam AELP Pallet Beams | Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £450.00

    The AELP series of pallet beams are ideal for pallet weighing and oversized weighing applications. The AELP are 2 separate weighing beams that are linked via a strong shielded protected cable, unlike other pallet beams the AELP are enclosed channels with high quality loadcells to provide accurate repeatable measurements and built to withstands the rigours of constant warehouse use. Learn More
  2. SFB Kern Stainless Steel Platform Scale | Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £750.00

    The SFB IP65 Stainless Steel Platform Scales are a good option for the food industry weighing requirements and other damp environments. These platform scales come in two top pan choices and capacities up to 200kg, additionally some models are available with class III Legal for Trade verification. Learn More
  3. Adam GFK Platform Weighing Scales

    Starting at: £265.00

    The Adam Equipment GFK floor checkweighing scale is a fully featured weighing machine with numeric keypad for High / Low limits as well as unit weight and sample entry. Highly versatile scale suitable for industrial warehouse applications. Learn More
  4. Adam GBK Bench Platform Scales

    Starting at: £235.00

    The GBK checkweighing scales is a highly-versatile machine used to accurately check the weight of small machinery parts, products and stock. The GBK is compact in size and can be used easily on a worktop or workbench surface. Learn More
  5. Kern SFE IP65 Platform Food Scale | Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £380.00

    Kern's SFE industrial plaform scales are constructed from IP-65 rated, durable lacqured and stainless steel suitable for use in the food industry and other damp environments. EC M Class III Approved Verifiable to M Class Approvals is possible on all models. Learn More
  6. Adam ABK Bench Platform Scale | The Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £278.00

    The ABK bench platform scale is constructed from durable stainless steel that can be easily cleaned after use. ABK scales are ideal for use in warehouse, despatch and quality control areas, and can easily fit on workbench or worktop surfaces. Learn More
  7. Adam AFK Floor Platform Scale

    Starting at: £317.00

    Adam's AFK floor platform scales designed for rugged industrial applications. Includes a sleek, stainless steel IP-66 indicator with superior sealing protects from dust, ensures longevity. Suitable for heavy-duty warehouse environments. Learn More
  8. PTM Adam Drum and Wheelchair Scale

    Starting at: £540.00

    The PTM platform weighing scale places accessibility at the forefront of design and caters to users with limited mobility, with built-in ramps on each side, chequered plate surface for added grip and heavy-duty rubber feet to ensure stability of the scale. Learn More
  9. A&D EM Budget Platform Scale

    Starting at: £165.00

    The EM entry level scales feature A&D's novel 'chopstick' design of plaftorm contruction keeping both weight and cost to a minimum without sacrifising the robostness demanded of scales weighing up to 150Kg. A standard rechargeable battery and RS232 interface mean the EM series tick's all of the essential boxes for a basic platform scale. Learn More
  10. A&D FG Industrial Platform Scale | Measurement Shop UK

    Starting at: £295.00

    The FG platform scale series combines fast response time and rock-solid durability in an easy to use package. Three user selectable display readings let you choose the resolution needed for the job Learn More

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