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Analogue Refractometers

Explore our extensive collection of high-quality analogue refractometers designed for precise measurements in various applications. Whether you need to measure the concentration of liquids or determine purity, our refractometers provide accurate and reliable results. Visit our store to buy a refractometer that suits your needs and ensures exceptional performance every time.

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The Measurement Shop's selection of Kern analogue refractometers for the automotive, food, medical and jewellery industry.

We stock top-quality refractometers with a portable, compact design that can be used to quickly measure the brix value of a given sample using several pre-selectable scales, eliminating user error. The optical system and the prism cover are made from special materials, which enable you to measure with low tolerances.

All models are fitted with an easily adjustable eyepiece for different visual capacities. For more information, please contact us.