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Lux & Light Meters

Explore our comprehensive range of light meters and lux meters. They're designed to provide accurate measurements of light intensity for various applications. Our selection includes industrial lux meters, handheld lumen meters, and other light measuring instruments to measure and monitor light precisely. Shop now to find the perfect light meter or lux meter. Also find other essential devices like lumen testers and light brightness testers, all available at competitive prices.

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The Measurement Shop UK's professional-quality, portable light meters and lux meters manufactured by Sauter and Reed Instruments.

Many of our light meters come complete with cosine correction for the angular incidence of light, as well as a wide range of smart functions including 'track' for continuous recording of variable environmental conditions, a 'hold' feature for fixing the current measured value, and 'peak hold' application for fixing a series of current measured values.

The light meters we sell provide high-precision light intensity measurement in lux, and have a robust, durable construction and impact protection for withstanding rigorous use in any harsh industrial environment.

Please contact us for more information about our light measuring products.