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Metallurgical Microscopes

Discover our advanced metallurgical microscopes, designed for detailed analysis and inspection of metal and alloy structures. Our selection of microscope metallurgical instruments offers high-resolution imaging and precision, making them essential for both research and industrial applications. Shop now to find the perfect metallurgical microscope for your needs.

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The Measurement Shop's selection of reliable, high-quality metallurgical microscopes manufactured by Kern.

A metallurgical microscope is typically used in metallurgy, material testing and quality assurance applications for precisely measuring sample thickness, layers, fold lines, film and electroplated coatings. These microscopes come with a wide range of advanced features that are commonly used by students, archaeologists and scientists for analysing ceramics and pottery and often use acoustic or ultrasonic applications that can be used to non-destructively examine delimitation, cracks and other anomalies.

Choose from a wide selection of microscope parts including eyepieces, stages, binocular and trinocular tubes, and objectives that can be used to fully customise your microscope to suit your requirements.

If you require more information about metallurgical microscopy or have any questions about the microscopes we stock for this purpose, please contact us.