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MUW Potentiometer Signal Interface

SKU MUW 200-1
Original price £300.00 - Original price £340.00
Original price
£300.00 - £340.00
Current price £300.00

Key Features:
  • Interface module for series TLH and LWH position transducers
  • Sensor proximity in the plug connection
  • • Interference-free signal transmission
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Novotechnik's MUW potentiometer signal interface supplies position transducers with a highly stable constant voltage.

The wiper signal is picked off without load via a high-resistance input stage and transformed into a displacement proportional standardised output signal.

The excellent linearity, low temperature drift and sensor proximity of the signal conditioning process ensure full utilisation of the outstanding benefits of the position transducers, guaranteeing the reliable, interference-free transmission of signals even over long distances.

In the adjustable models, the zero point and range can be adjusted within wide limits using spindle trimmers.This permits standardised output signals to be adjusted even if the maximum path of the transducer is not completely utilised.

The electronic circuitry is integrated into a socket to fit the DIN 43650 appliance plug. The wide operating voltage range permits to be supplied by unstabilised direct voltage sources. Selected SMD components with a wide temperature range guarantee maximum operating reliability even under extreme environmental conditions.

The MUW is connected by means of a four-pole terminal strip. It is possible to orient the connecting cable as required by turning the housing insert in 90° steps.