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Sound Measurement

Discover our extensive range of sound measurement devices, designed to provide accurate and reliable readings for various applications. Whether you need to measure decibels in a professional environment or monitor noise levels at home, our collection includes high-quality decibel meters, sound meters, and sound level meters to suit your needs. Our devices, including precise decibel readers and robust noise meters, ensure you can measure decibels with ease and confidence. Shop now to find the perfect sound measurement device for your specific requirements and ensure accurate and consistent noise monitoring.

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Our range of hand-held, professional sound measurement devices and sound level meters (also known as sound pressure meters or decibel meters) are used to measure the level of sound pressure in a given environment.

Manufactured by Sauter and Reed Instruments, the sound meters we stock are typically used to measure noise pollution in construction workplaces and schools, as well as the entertainment and transport industries. Environmental noise is a critical issue in countries and cities with increasingly high populations, as a result, sound measurement devices are required in order to monitor the scale of adverse effects on the population.

To learn more about environmental noise pollution in the workplace and current sound management directives in the UK, please visit the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). For more information about the sound measurement meters we stock, please contact us.