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UCI Hardness Testing Meters

Welcome to our UCI shop, your premier destination for Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI) hardness testing meters. Our selection of UCI hardness testers ensures accurate and reliable measurements for a wide range of materials. Discover our collection and enhance your testing capabilities with our top-quality UCI hardness testing meters.

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Ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) hardness testing meters are well suited to mobile hardness testing and are relied upon to obtain fast and precise measurements with minimal damage to the object being tested.

We stock Sauter's HO mobile ultrasonic meter which utilises a Vickers diamond tip, which is then pressed into the sample with a pre-defined force. From here the tip moves into high frequency ultrasonic vibrations and the hardness of the sample can be determined from the attenuation.

The HO is primarily used for measuring small forgings, castings, welding points, punched parts, casting tools, ball bearings and the flanks of gear wheels as well as for measuring the influence of warmth or heat on a sample.

For more information about Sauter's HO hardness tester, please contact us.