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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Discover the precision and reliability of ultrasonic thickness gauges at The Measurement Shop, your go-to source for advanced measurement solutions. Our extensive collection of ultrasonic thickness gauges ensures accurate, non-destructive measurements for a variety of materials. This enhances both efficiency and safety in your operations. Whether for industrial applications or quality control, our ultrasonic thickness gauges deliver unmatched performance and ease of use.

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The Measurement Shop UK's wide selection of high-quality ultrasonic thickness gauges manufactured by Sauter.

Thickness gauges are essential devices used when analysing materials such as glass, ceramics, plastics and metals. Many building, construction and manufacturing companies have regulations surrounding the appropriate thickness of materials; gauges are used to accurately measure and check material thickness is at an optimum, standard level to keep costs low, whilst providing adequate protection and quality.

For more information about our digital thickness gauges, please see our comprehensive guide to thickness gauges.