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Stereo Microscopes

Stereo microscopes, also known as dissecting microscopes, are affordable, low-powered microscope models for used for precise examination of specimins in two and three dimensions.

These microscopes are used in a wide range of biological applications such as vitro fertilisation, zoology, botany, tissue preperation and detection of parasites. With three dimessional impressions such as depth and thickness, these optical devices are well suited to analysing insects, seeds and cicuit board components.

Stereo microscopes are one of the most common types of microscope and are typically used by school labs, workshops and training companies. Please contact us for more information.

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  1. Kern OSE Stereo Microscopes

    Starting at: £170.00

    The KERN OSE is an extremely robust, stable stereo microscope which is easy to use, it is ideal for all conventional applications in schools, workshops and training companies. Learn More
  2. Kern OSF Stereo Microscopes

    Starting at: £245.00

    The KERN OSF-4 stands out through its ergonomic construction and its superb arm curved stand. This ensures precise adjustment and focusing of your sample. Learn More
  3. Kern OSF-G Stereo Microscopes

    Starting at: £325.00

    With its integrated handle as well as its stable arm curved stand, the KERN OSF-4G stereo microscope has been developed specially for schools and workshops. Learn More
  4. Kern OSF-5 Stereo Microscopes

    Starting at: £390.00

    The KERN OSF-5 stereo microscope series stands out because of its modular construction and flexible pole stands. Due to its robust design it is also ideal for use in harsh working environments. Learn More

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4 Item(s)